2000 da Vinci robot procedures celebration at SAN Hosptial

by Dr Yogesh Nikam

2000 da Vinci robot procedures have now been done at the San. I was glad to be the one performing the 2000th procedure with Dr Pillinger. Read the full article at the SAN News Website

The surgical team involved in the 2000th da Vinci robot procedure including Dr Steve Pillinger and Dr Yogesh Nikam (far right)

San surgeons Dr Yogesh Nikam (Gynaecologist) and Dr Steve Pillinger (Colorectal Surgeon) collaborated for the complex procedure utilising the advanced da Vinci technology dual consoles to undertake a bowel resection required for a patient with severe endometriosis.

1000 da Vinci surgeries have been done since October 2017 since the expansion of the San Robotic program with the addition of da Vinci Xi.

The San’s increased robotic capacity has meant that the range of procedures that can be done now include cardio-thoracic, colorectal and gynaecological surgeries.

San operating Theatre Manager David Billings reports that the San is now thought to be providing the widest range of da Vinci procedures in Australia.

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