Is it ADHD or just bad behaviour?

Dr Reshma Nikam

Is it ADHD or just bad behaviour?…by Dr.Reshma Nikam

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All kids will act out at some point, especially in the preschool years.

“It’s part of growing up,” said Sydney-based General Paediatrician Dr Reshma Nikam. “However, most kids learn very quickly that not listening to a parent and throwing tantrums has consequences. If a child continues misbehaving in spite of these, this is a red flag that something else is going on – although not necessarily ADHD.”

There are two types of ADHD, Nikam said. “The first is the inattention type, where the child fails to give close attention to detail, is forgetful, easily distracted, and struggles with organising tasks. The second is the hyperactive-impulsive type, where the child fidgets excessively, has difficulty remaining seated and sitting quietly, and talks out of turn.

“The challenge for any parent or professional is to understand why a child is behaving inappropriately. It is a difficult task.”

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Dr Reshma Nikam is a Specialist Paeditrcian

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