Fertility & IVF

A/Professor Warren Chan is a leading Fertility & IVF Specialist who holds a Certificate in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility (CREI), the highest recognised qualification for Fertility Specialists in Australia. He understands that fertility challenges affect every aspect of your life and provides the full complement of fertility assessments and treatment options personalised to your needs.

Warren provides fertility services at several of Sydney’s largest IVF clinics, giving you the full range of treatment options in both the private and public sectors.

He is a Consultant Fertility & IVF Specialist at:

  • Monash IVF
  • Westmead Fertility Centre

Fully private options such as Monash IVF will ensure A/Professor Chan can offer the most personalised care. A full and comprehensive suite of advanced fertility services are available, allowing A/Professor Chan to offer world-class scientific and clinical care. A/Professor Chan is personally available to conduct your IVF cycle with procedures performed by fully qualified CREI Specialists.

Semi-private and public options such as Westmead Fertility Centre allows A/Professor Chan to assess and plan your IVF treatment. Monitoring and IVF procedures are primarily performed by A/Professor Chan’s team with A/Professor Chan being available for expert advice when required.