Indications your baby may have hip dysplasia

Indications your baby may have hip dysplasia…by Dr.Reshma Nikam

When you first hear the term ‘hip dysplasia,’ it’s likely you’ll assume that this is an adults only condition, but one in 100 children are diagnosed with hip dysplasia each day in Australia.

Also known as Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), the condition involves an abnormality where “the top of the thighbone is not stable within the socket. The ligaments of the hip joint that hold it together may also be loose,” Sydney Paediatrician Dr Reshma Nikam said.

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Risk factors: An infant is five times more likely to develop hip dysplasia if mum or dad had it when they were kids and is also at higher risk if a sibling had DDH.

Indications your baby may have hip dysplasia


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