Food to avoid

There are a number of foods that should be avoid to reduce the risk of Listeria infection (Listeriosis). Although it is a very rare infection, if it is passed to the baby during pregnancy it can lead to miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth. Listeria is destroyed by cooking although can grow in refrigerated food, so it is recommended to avoid any leftovers that have been kept over a day.

Furthermore, the following foods should be completely avoided:

  • Soft cheeses (such as brie, camembert and ricotta) – unless cooked
  • Cold meats
  • Unpasteurised dairy products
  • Raw seafood (such as oysters and sashimi)
  • Any foods that may not have been refrigerated well or for longer than 24 hours, such as prepared salads, uncooked smoked seafood, chicken and meat products (in sandwich shops)